Trade Shows

Want to make some noise at your next trade show or other marketing event? Offer a stimulating massage – with sound.

Infinite Massage offers branded massage services at trade shows and other marketing events. Licensed and certified Massage Therapists – wearing your corporate logos, if you like – will provide a memorable experience for customers, partners and other important prospects at your show. It’s a great way to build traffic to your booth – and build loyalty to your brand. What’s the biggest issue at a trade show or convention? Getting quality traffic, that will actually spend a few minutes reviewing your product offerings.  With chair massage, potential clients litereally walk into your booth, and stay there.

Concerned that your company story will be lost in all the excitement? Don’t worry – AuRE makes sure your message gets across. AuRE – our patent-pending Audio Relaxation Environment – is a professionally produced audio experience that combines soothing sounds with marketing messages. It’s completely integrated into the massage experience – your customer leaves not only feeling better but with a better understanding of your company.

get your message across with AuRE an integrated marketing platform

Of course, massage alone is great, but Infinite Massage has added one more important touch: audio. With our unique Audio Relaxation Environment (AuRE™), you can make sure attendees hear your marketing story along with soothing music during their session. They won’t miss a word, and you won’t miss the opportunity to make a great impression. Talk about a captive audience!

Your marketing message is mixed in with soothing music played over our innovative surround-sound system. Speakers positioned a few inches from each ear gently and appropriately convey your story.

In this relaxed and comfortable state, attendees are more receptive to your message and more apt to retain your key selling points, thus maximizing the value of the entire massage event.

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