Health Fairs

Health fairs have become a popular employee benefit – and a key component of an overall wellness program. But sometimes employees say they’re – forgive us – boring. We certainly don’t mean to offend, but let’s face the facts. How many free pens or pads of paper can you get? How many times can you be told to eat healthy and exercise before it becomes redundant? Make sure you leave a lasting impression on the minds of your attendees. Drop them in one of our Massage Chairs with a Professional Chair Massage Therapist for a few minutes, and then ask them how the Health Fair is going. 

So how do you make your health fair special? We recommend: chair massage.

Chair massage is a terrific way to promote stress management – a way to keep employees happy, healthy and productive. Optimally positioned, chair massage is an excellent way to engage Health Fair attendees and keep them interested – ensuring that your Health Fair is a resounding success!

We have worked at literally thousands of Healh Fair Massage events and Benefits Fairs over the years since we’ve been in business. Our trained, licensed and insured Chair Massage Therapists can come to your location, nationwide, bring all of the necessary equipment and supplies, and give your attendees something that they will never forget – a relaxing Chair Massage. What says wellness more than taking a few minutes to relax? What tells your attendees that you care about their well-being more than hands-on service and attention? Our opinion is that by incorporating Chair Massage into your Health Fair event, you’ll be able to prove that you really to care.

A 15-minute chair massage has many demonstrated therapeutic benefits.

  • Decreases job stress, increases alertness and improves productivity.
  • Reducing stress reduces the number of lost work days and also reduces medical and disability payments.
  • Reducing stress lowers employee turnover and also eases the task of recruiting new workers.
  • Plus, a low-stress work environment is just plain more fun to work in.

And if Chair Massage is a big hit at your health fair – and we’re certain it will be – Infinite Massage can help you make regular massage part of an ongoing employee wellness program by visiting your offices weekly, monthly or however often you deem appropriate. Offering massage makes your employees feel great and feel good about your company – the definition of a win-win situation.

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