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Dramatically Increase Traffic

Been to a trade show? Then you know nothing draws a crowd like the words FREE CHAIR MASSAGE! People will be helplessly drawn to your exhibit – you’ve got them right where you want them. It only takes a few key moments to make your event a success and you have to play the odds. You need as much traffic to your booth or area as possible – and chair massage gets them there. Better yet, they stay in one place from anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes. Simply put, that’s invaluable time for you to make your pitch. In this setting, chair massage services are like flys to honey.

Keep Customers Around Longer

Whether they’re receiving chair massage, reflexology or sitting and relaxing with our electronic foot massagers, to your customers your booth is not just another blur in a busy trade-show – it’s a destination. A majority of attendees are roaming around looking for as many free marketing materials as they can find. This one will actually bring you results. Keep your target audience engaged for valuable minutes while you do what you were sent there to do – make your sales pitch. Never mind that your attendees will love you for giving them a relaxing massage in a busy and fast-paced environment.

Create a Buzz

Once a crowd has gathered, more people will come by to see what’s going on. And those who’ve enjoyed a chair massage will let others people know exactly where to go – straight to your booth! What could be better for you but a line in your booth? Call me crazy but when you are at an event and you are looking to draw a crowd, this is your answer. People love getting free stuff. People love getting free stuff that is beneficial. You want traffic at your event. Chair Massage is the perfect match – and it’s so easy. Give us a call and we’ll take care of everything.

Surround your visitors with soothing music and powerful marketing

Of course, massage alone is great, but Infinite Massage has added one more important touch: audio. With our unique Audio Relaxation Environment (AuRE™), you can make sure attendees hear your marketing story along with soothing music during their session. They won’t miss a word, and you won’t miss the opportunity to make a great impression. Talk about a captive audience!

Your marketing message is mixed in with soothing music played over our innovative surround-sound system. Speakers positioned a few inches from each ear gently and appropriately convey your story. In this relaxed and comfortable state, attendees are more receptive to your message and more apt to retain your key selling points, thus maximizing the value of the entire massage event.

So if you want to send your customers a message – say it with a massage.

Ask about add-on services

  • Hand and foot refloxology
  • Greeters and attendants
  • Custom event uniform

Infinite Massage on-site chair massage is perfect for:

  • Event marketing professionals
  • Corporate event planners
  • Trade show exhibit managers
  • Marketing tour/roadshow planner
  • Pop-up store event planners and operators

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