Custom Events

Infinite Massage provides a range of services to help your company use chair massage to help reach customers.

But we haven’t thought of everything.

Which is why our Event Planning team is pleased to help you develop custom wellness and spa events. These could be anything from tailoring one of our standard programs to the special needs of your business to custom-developing a program just for you.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Private Label Events

In addition to standard event chair massage services, Massage Therapists can wear clothing displaying your corporate branding and/or marketing messages. They can pass out your promotional materials too as part of the event. The net result is to present massage as an integral part of your booth, exhibit or event. This makes for a more seamless, holistic, integrated experience.

Pop-Up Store Events

Does your brand to pop-up stores – temporary retail events designed to build your brand and create buzz? If so, Infinite Massage can help take your event to the next level by helping you attract the audience and attention you’re looking for. Chair Massage can be set up outside, inside, on rooftops, in tents, store fronts, hotel suits – anywhere we can help you establish your brand and sell your product.

Marketing Tours

Event Chair Massage is a great way to make an impression on customers, analysts and the press – so take it on the road. Infinite Massage can provide qualified, licensed massage therapists and wellness practitioners in any city where your roadshow goes. Clients of ours inlcuding Burts Bees and SWH have used Infinite Massage across the country, for a consistent, seamless marketing program.

Other Services

The following services can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs:

Yoga Instructors

Our Nationwide Network of Yoga teachers can help you make a special connection with your audience.


Therapeutic hand and foot massage for those uniquly targeted events.

Luxury Spa Services and Events

For the most discriminating customers, something even more special than our already special spa services.

Event Layout

Wondering how to set up your event to include massage and on-site spa services? Relax, we can help with placement of massage stations, relaxation lounges and other event logistics.

Want to learn more?