Chicago Chair Massage

Welcome to Infinite Massage, Chicago’s premier network of Chair Massage Therapists and Mobile Spa Service Providers. We’re the leading Corporate Wellness Company specializing in Corporate Chair Massage Programs, Event Massage & Mobile Spa Event Services in the Chicago Area.

On-Site Corporate Chair Massage in the workplace is the preferred way to manage stress for companies worldwide. The positive effects of workplace massage create lasting results and contribute to the well-being & success of the entire company.

From Chair Massage Programs at multi-national corporations to Marketing Events & Trade Shows – Our corporate program managers & event planners will make it easy to bring chair massage and mobile spa service at your company or event. Our network of mobile massage professionals are ready to come to your site anywhere in Chicago.

Chair Massage Events can help your attendees understand the value you place on your relationship with them. Introducing your team or important person to the healing effects of massage will only relay to them that you care for not only your daily interactions, but also their long-term wellness.  Chair Massages will bring a smile to any person’s face that you want to impress.

From company massage programs to health fairs, convention massages, meetings and beyond, Chair Massage will increase productivity measurably. Keeping tired muscles limber is only half of the battle. People like to feel cared-for and respected. Massage will do just that and more. Let the important people in your life get the best that you have to offer. Give them the gift of massage.

Our corporate clients come from a wide range of industries – from Financial Services to Publishing Companies – from Accounting Firms to Commodities Brokerages – you name it. Whether you’re in Chicago, Highland Park, Evanston, Bloomington, Kenosha and all the way to Gary – Wherever you are in the greater Chicago area – we’ve got your chair massage needs covered.